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If you’re looking for a presentation with lots of energy, full of useful information and that truly gets everyone involved, then call me to present one of my 19 topics in your company or organization!

You need this information if you:

  • Are trying to persuade more prospects to buy from you
  • Would like to persuade your coworkers to comply with your way of thinking
  • Are trying to get people to contribute to your cause
  • Are trying to get people to vote for your candidate
  • Are trying to get people to buy your clients products and services by creating very persuasive appeals that moves prospects to buy/try … now!

Each of the presentations is carefully prepared and includes handouts for everyone. Plus, depending on the time available, some interactive techniques are used so that everyone can experience the power of these techniques.

In addition, various visual aids, sound clips, and more are used to prove certain points and keep interest and involvement at a high level.

You need to know the secrets of persuasion I have uncovered to accomplish any goal your company or organization may have! We only get what we want with and through other people! So, send me an email today and let’s get started!

Below is an outline of my main topic: How to Persuade. Also, be sure to check out my 19 related topics!

How To Persuade

The ability to persuade others is the key to all success in sales and in life. I have accumulated a massive amount of information on how to persuade, influence and gain the voluntary compliance of others. I have researched, and sought-out all available information on this incredibly important topic. With notes from hundreds of sources, I have assembled a powerful information-packed presentation that shares the very best of what I have learned. The information I will present condenses decades of information into hours. Listed below are just some of the segments included in this training:

  • Nine laws of persuasion
  • Six weapons of influence
  • Words that change minds
  • Emotional decisions
  • Irrationality of people
  • Matching, Mirroring, Pacing, & Leading
  • Categorizing people
  • Reality Model … objection response method
  • How to get them to want to do what you want them to do
  • Persuade through the objections
  • Spacial Proxemics
  • NLP Mental Maps
  • Language & Behavior Profiles to predict behavior of others
  • Communication Secrets to avoid misunderstandings
  • Negotiation & Persuasion skills
  • Stages of Sales … and the role of persuasion in each stage
  • Acting … the frames & perspectives.

Many segments of my 19 separate items will be briefly addressed in this massive persuasion training. I try to spark the curiosity of each attendee by asking a series of questions that originally prompted me to study this field. The desire to figure out the other people in our lives is natural, but undeveloped. I am going to make sure we explore together some of the very best ways to close more sales using all of these persuasion tactics.

This training session on Persuasion will be fully customized to your company. Upon contracting for this training, you’ll be briefly interviewed about your company’s unique situation.

Call me today a (330) 417-1254 to discuss rates, dates, and contents.

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