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Jim Speakman has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and Advertising from Bowling Green State University.

Jim has over a decade of experience in advertising … a field that profits from the effective use of persuasion. Jim has sold radio advertising for WHBC Radio in Canton, Ohio. He also ran Sign Pro, a non-broadcast-revenue business owned by WHBC. Jim’s experiences in advertising and promotions have led him to an intense study of the subject of Persuasion. He is the President of Speakman & Associates LLC; a company committed to sharing the power of persuasion with salespeople, sales managers, politicians, managers, advertisers, and anyone interested in increasing their persuasive abilities to achieve their goals faster.

Jim Speakman is a committed and consistent learner. He has dedicated the previous 10 years to reading, exploring, and testing all knowledge that leads to the discovery of the reasons for the differences in the results people produce. He started by asking a couple of simple questions. In finding the answers, he found himself reading and acting on information from many different fields including: Psychology, NLP, The Brain, Creative Thinking, Sales, Management, Sociology, History, Science, and more.

From a personal library that now stands at 1,620 titles – and growing every day – he has accumulated a knowledge base that can directly benefit you. Through all his study and questioning, Jim has realized that all successes stem from the field of Persuasion, Influence, and Compliance Gaining. He understands that anything you ever want in life you will achieve with and through other people. It is your effectiveness in dealing with other people that will determine the level of your success in sales and in life.

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