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Principles of Disinterest Date Posted: 1/14/2005

You must keep your mind flexible!

Principles of Disinterest:


1.      Always keep Professional Face, never try to save Personal Face.

2.      Distinguish between RR and SR. 

3.      Every encounter is unique.

4.      Everyone has “Good Reason” for what he or she does.

5.      People care about Knowing; hence, set Context.

6.      As Contact Professionals, YOU have to Create and Maintain Continuous Rapport with the other.  Remember, Verbal Judo is a “hands-on/contact” art.

7.      “Check” your Assumptions: beware of Brain Damage.

8.      Control events and encounters; don’t be a Victim of them.

9.      The Contact Professional USES adrenaline; the amateur is Ruled by it.

10.  Respond to people, don’t React.

11.  Flexibility is strength, Rigidity is weakness.

12.  People are Flawed, not evil.

13.  See other as other sees:  Remember, up to 93% of communication is delivery and presentation style.

14.  Golden Rule: Always treat other as you would want to be treated in Identical circumstances.

15.  Never depersonalize by Abstraction; keep language Specific.

16.  Anticipate.  Don’t Expect.

17.  Use Positive Feedback when you least want to.

18.  Always Mediate for others.

19.  Always Translate for others; beware of self-referential language.

20.  Use Self-Talk to maintain control; Use PAVPO, PACE, LEAPS.

21.  Never violate the Equity Prinicple.

22.  Cultivate” your group or division; don’t try to absolutely control or run them.

23.  Redirect rather than Resist.

24.  Never inflate people with Adrenalin

25.  The way a person loses face is his/her only way back.

26.  Bad words color good deeds Negative.


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