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Verbal Judo Street Maxims Date Posted: 1/14/2005

Verbal Judo Street Maxims


1.        Not enough to BE GOOD, got to LOOK GOOD and SOUND GOOD, or NO GOOD!

2.        Say WHAT you want, DO what I say.

3.        You can have the LAST WORD, I have the LAST ACT.

4.        Never use words that rise readily to your lips.

5.        As EGO rises, POWER and SAFETY go down.

6.        If it make you FEEL GOOD, NO GOOD!

7.        Never perform the INNER VOICE.

8.        Never step on a person’s PERSONAL FACE.

9.        Voice must LIE.


11.    Goal is to be RESPECTED in the streets.

12.    If you can’t control yourself, you can’t control the streets.

13.    If you lose your SENSE OF HUMOR, you’re dangerous to yourself AND others.

14.    The less EGO you show, the more POWER you have over others.

15.    Most dangerous weapon you have is your COCKED TONGUE.

16.    We must learn to WALK THE WALK and TALK THE TALK, yes, but the greatest skill is to WALK YOUR TALK and TALK YOUR WALK.

17.    Never tell someone to “CALM DOWN!”  Calm them down by your performance.

18.    We deflect VERBAL ABUSE for a living.

19.    People are like STEEL.  When they lose their TEMPER, they are useless.

20.    Whenever angry, if you say the first thing that comes to mind, you will create the greatest speech you will ever live to regret!

21.    When your MOUTH opens, your EARS slam shut.

22.    Common sense most uncommon under pressure.


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