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Speakman Persuasion Secret #3 Date Posted: 10/12/2004

Speakman Persuasion Secret #3:  Commitment Escalation

There are many examples of this persuasion technique in action.  Think of any retail clothing transaction.  Once you have selected an item, the suggestion to buy the additional items with it are more easily agreed to.  For example, if a man buys a suit, the suggestion to buy a new shirt to go with it, maybe a tie, some socks, etc.  By the time the sale is totaled, the sale is often double.  Simply because of the Commitment Escalation principle.

Charities use this prinicple to gain continuted support at increasing levels.  Once you contribute to the cause in any amount, the solicitor will remind you next year about your commitment this year and ask if you will be increasing your donation by $10 or $20 this year.  This is a powerful tool, because we want to be seen as consistent with our previous commitments.

Try to incorporate this principle in your business and life this week.

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