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Speakman's Persuasion Secrets ... #2 Date Posted: 10/8/2004

Reciprocity is one huge word in the field of persuasion and influence.  It's a word that captures that feeling of owing the other person.  Think back to this past Christmas season.  Do you remember getting a Christmas card from someone that you did NOT send one to?  What did you do?  You probably mailed one off to them immediately!  Why?  Because you wanted to avoid the feeling of owing someone something.  I know it was only a card, but this principle usually works with almost everything.

Some everyday examples where the persuasive power of reciprocity is used to get you to take action: 

1.  Grocery store free samples ... you know those small stands where they let you taste the food that's on sale.  Why do they do this?  It works!  Yes, you may like it ... but the priniple involved is that you will feel indebted to the person who just gave you something and in response ... you'll buy a package or two of their product!  This definately works!

2.  Free Samples in the mail ... remember when you got that free bar of soap in the mail ... the company that sent that to you is hoping that you'll reciprocate by buying that brand the next time you are at the store.

3.  Personalized Return Address Labels ... many charities will send you some personalized return address labels and in return ask for a contribution to their particular cause.  This again is a strategy that really works!

4.  Personal favors ... when a friend drives you to work one day, you will feel the need to do the same for them in the future.

These are just 4 of the literally hundreds of examples of the power of Reciprocity at work in your life every day.  This is a very powerful concept.  Think about how you can consciously put this principle to work in your life and work today.  What small gift, sample, or favor can you do for someone today that will plant the feeling in the other person that they will want to respond in kind?

There are many ways to use Reciprocity to your advantage ... to persuade people to your cause/goal without them realizing what you're doing! 

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