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Speakman's Persuasion Secrets ... #1 Date Posted: 10/7/2004

Scarcity is Powerful! 

Scarcity draws it's power from the fundamental inner desire to avoid the feeling of loss.  When something we feel we might want is discovered to be in short supply, we will be much more likely to take action quickly to aquire it.  In other words, the less of it that's available, the more we want it.

You'll see this every day in the paper and hear it every day on the radio!  “Hurry in ... this sale absolutely ends tonight at 9!” or “These prices good only while supplies last!” or “Only 398 of these have been made, reserve yours now!”

Almost anything can be “scarce” including time, money, interest rates, amount of product, etc...

What is scarce in your situation?  Find a way to employ this tactic today!  It is a powerful motive to action and will generate results for you!

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