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Persuasion is EVERYWHERE!! Date Posted: 5/20/2005

Persuasion E-News

A current event viewpoint

By Jim Speakman

©2005 Speakman & Associates, LLC


Persuasion is everywhere. People are trying to get you to accept and support their point of view. Examples are everywhere. Right now, in the United States Senate, there is a huge debate in progress. At stake is the future of the President’s judicial nominations. The democrats in the US Senate have used the stalling tactic of the filibuster to avoid voting on these nominations (to be fair, the Republicans have used these tactics in the past too). They have successfully used the committee system and the filibuster for four straight years now to avoid confirming these nominated judges. This is a poor way to persuade others to your point of view. It just creates a negatively charged environment. It hardens positions and creates a very adversarial atmosphere. There is nothing persuasive about delaying and avoiding.

On a local level, there is a proposal in front of the City Park Board (of which I am one member). An entrepreneur has proposed his concept to buy a portion of the City Park land and build a large miniature golf course and entertainment area. This concept has been introduced to the local media and public reaction will soon flow. As a student of Persuasion, I can’t help but critique the effort that has been made to persuade us in the Park Board to accept this idea. Some areas were done well, but most were not. This particular proposal has an uphill battle ahead.

On a personal level, I am currently searching for a new full-time career position. In this role, I have to sell myself. I have to persuade a potential new employer that I am not only qualified, but that I will help him achieve his/her goals faster and in a way that proves the decision to hire me was a good decision. I have to Persuade a potential new employer that as a Trainer, I will be able to draw on my accumulated knowledge to manage, teach, and motivate the Sales branch of the company.

So, persuasion happens on a national, regional, local, and personal level … all the time. The key to success is to capture and continually fuel an intense curiosity to learn more … to learn the specific Persuasion tactics that actually get results! There is a lot to learn!

Stay tuned for more!

Jim Speakman

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