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Would you like to be more Persuasive?

There are proven techniques of persuasion that can help you get more of what you want more often. My name is Jim Speakman and I have studied this field for over a decade. After reading over 1,650 books, listening to hundreds of audio programs, and attending seminars, I have discovered the secrets of persuasion. More importantly, I’ve tested them in the real-world. I have discovered which ones work, and I have also uncovered some techniques that absolutely do not work. Now, I’m prepared to share it all with you.

Live Speaking & Training!
Are you looking for proven ideas that work? Are you looking to add a spark to your normal working day? Check out my 19 Speaking / Training topics and choose one that fits your current situation, then call me for a short customization interview. Then, I’ll customize a presentation just for your group, company, or organization. From thirty minutes to 6 hours, I can create a presentation of any length.

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Every other week, I write a quick Persuasion E-News letter. It’s written to be read in about 3 minutes or less and to help you persuade the people you live and work with to your way of thinking. My Persuasion E-News is only sent to people who request it. Sign up for it today! It’s completely FREE!

Free Articles!
Almost daily, I’ll post a quick article, opinion, or observation that may come from a personal experience or an item out of the daily news. Always with a spin toward persuasion and how we can become more persuasive in our daily lives. These articles are FREE. Read them, share them with friends and coworkers … and then send me an email with you’re reaction!

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You can't escape ... attempts to persuade you are coming from all sides, all the time! A couple of current events have captured my attention lately, and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you ... Read on ...


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